How exactly can we help you?​

If you are a typical business we can:

• Analyze your operations to see if symptomatic solutions to your firms’ most important challenges prevent fundamental problem fix. (That is, to see if are you only reacting to symptoms without addressing the real problem?)

• Build Business Intelligence platform allowing you to:

- Explore the differences between satisfied and unsatisfied customers.
- Identify factors related to defects in a production line.
- Determine what differentiates frequent and non-frequent buyers.
- Determine which customers are most likely to stop using your service/products.
- Identify sources of inventory shrinkage.
- The impact of proposed price change on demand.
- Forecast sales, expenditures, etc.
- Find natural groupings inside your transactional data.
- Identify market segments you need to pursue.
- Determine main characteristics responsible for success/failure.
- Find out how customers are using your site and the products they have shown interest in.
- Determine what products should be recommended to a particular customer.
- Learn about your customer’s shopping behavior in order to optimize product layout and cross-promote the right products.

• Build analytic model showing you, in real time, how well your entire business is running – based on key business factors and strategic alignment.

Knowledge Management

Companies are valued and succeed not just for what they know, but their ability to leverage what they know creatively and proactively.

As Dr. Peter Drucker put it in his Managing in a Time of Great Change, “Knowledge has become the key economic resource and the dominate – and perhaps the only – source of competitive advantage.”


We can help your organization leverage collective wisdom in order to increase responsiveness and innovation in the following ways:

• Provide internal awareness – to quickly assess organization’s inventory of skills and core competency.

• Build internal responsiveness – ability to exploit internal awareness. How quickly competencies can be translated

into actions to bring a product to market or respond to a customer need.

• Improve external responsiveness – ability to meet the requirements of the market, in a timely manner.

• Build or improve external awareness – organization’s ability to understand how the market perceives the value associated with its products and services, to understand who are its customers, what those customers want, who are their competitors, market trends, competitive actions, government regulations, and any other forces existing outside the organization.


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